So much bulls**t flying about

From my vantage point on top of the Sky box I was listening to Vincent Browne’s program last night, and had to stop myself from spitting and yowling at the TV.

Lucinda Creighton, yip-yapping junior Minister of State, seems to think that the ECB wouldn’t dream of printing more money to pump into member states until everyone has promised they’ll behave. Lucinda, honey, they’ve been printing money like crazy the last few months, as has the US Federal Reserve and many other central banks around the world. Why do you think commodity prices (oil, gold) are so high? Why hold an asset that’s being printed every day when you can buy oil, which everyone says is running out? She also accused the Sinn Fein guy (Peadair Toibin) of “terrorising people” – she must have chosen those words carefully given the SF / IRA past – while at the same time saying that if we vote no, money will flow out of the country ending all chance of recovery. More money than is flowing out of it right now? She even kept a straight face, while constantly interrupting the others with nothing more than empty, unsubstantiated rhetoric. Come on Fine Gael, you can surely do better than this.

Mustachioed weasel Willie O’Dea made an interesting point – that the 60% debt:GDP rule is “already law”, and regardless of the referendum outcome we will be held to this in terms of existing EU rules. So, I ask you with tears in my yellow eyes, why is Europe going to such trouble to produce yet another treaty, if its terms are already law? Because up until now there’s been no mechanism to force compliance. From page 2 of our new straightjacket:

NOTING that compliance with the obligation to transpose the “Balanced Budget Rule” into
national legal systems through binding and permanent provisions, preferably constitutional, should be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union, in accordance with Article 273 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

Poor Willie, given FF’s loss of support he no longer rules the roost when he’s sharing a stage with other politicians. He had to sit there, no doubt wishing he could facepalm, as Lucinda made a dog’s breakfast of the YES position.

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