I’m just going to come out and say it.

This is going to be a rare polemic. It’s because I find you humans so amusing, so tragic, and a lot of the time, so stupid. Morality may be an illusion, but, just like the monetary system, it’s an illusion that works. So why have you abandoned it? Why have you adopted an economic system that says nothing of good and evil, but only what “The Market” dictates? You truly have found a new religion, for The Market now leads you, has taught you the correct responses; it tells you what it wants. And what it wants is no less than total obedience to it; The Market is everything and nothing makes sense outside of a market transaction.

You need to restore your older, tried and tested morality. It may be boring and somewhat distasteful, but it’s the only thing that works for you. To move yourselves beyond good and evil may work for us cats, and it may work for some of you as individuals, but you humans cannot survive indefinitely as individuals.  You’re a society, social creatures. So start to act like it. Stop being so terrified that you might end up paying for someone else’s well-being. Their well-being is your well-being, that’s what society means.

There’s no point in harking back to the Golden Age of economic growth and prosperity (post WW2 to the 1970’s, when wages rose in direct correlation with economic output) without a recognition of Golden Age values. Remember, economics is a social science, and as such must necessarily integrate and correctly interpret data in the light of human factors.

I can understand the recent movement some of you have made to break the system. But I’m imploring you now, realise what it is you’re asking for. Total reconstruction of your economic system won’t come about peacefully. The only way it will happen will be through almost total destruction of humanity – nuclear holocaust or natural disaster, some sort of near-extinction event. I’m going to assume you don’t want that, so what then is your alternative?

You must work with what you have, and strive to make it more humane. You can and must change the way you value things – I don’t think it’s that hard.



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