Everyone is busy

The humans have been away on holiday and of course they switched off the modem before they left, so I’ve not been able to internetise for a while (as an aside, why is it that you humans switch off everything in the house except the fridge? From whence comes this trust in the fridge that is not shared with any other appliance?)

I hope to be back to more regular blogging in the coming days, once the human’s thing that he calls “month-end” (more like world-end if you ask me, the way he carries on about it) is finished and he brings his laptop home from the office. He’s always busy these days, busy busy busy which reminds me, please check out this post on Permanent Crisis, Neoliberalism is stealing our time. It’s the second in a series of posts on the subject of time, and the first posts in several months on that blog, which is a great source of information on the social and cultural impact of neoliberalism.


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