I could probably make this entire blog about refuting the right wing’s nonsense. I won’t, because frankly there’s more to life, but it makes for good entertainment from time to time.

Check this out, courtesy of some strange place called the Heritage Network:

A middle-class taxpayer’s income is subject to a 25 percent federal income tax. Then there is the federal Social Security and Medicare payroll tax of 13.3 percent in 2012—5.65 percent of that is removed from the employee’s paycheck, and the remaining 7.65 percent is paid by the employer. (In reality, the employee pays the entire 13.3 percent, because the employer’s portion of the tax does not affect the cost of labor: The employer would pay the employee 7.65 percent more if there were no employer’s portion of the payroll tax.)

Get that? Our poor employers are just dying to increase our wages, they’re just hamstrung by those damn taxes. What a load of shit. I know a thing or two about economics, accounting and business in general, and I can tell you that businesses will never pay something they don’t have to. That goes for taxes and wages. It’s not a zero sum game (something that, ironically, conservatives will often tell you when it applies to redistribution of income).

I swear to Ceiling Cat, you can’t make this crap up.

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