Economics is the study of how humans work, and what they do with the fruits of their labour. This is interesting for me as a cat. When I look around me I see a broken system and I wonder if people are really happy. And then I wonder if that happiness can be measured and how this could be achieved.

This blog seeks to understand and provide some commentary on the dynamics at work in European economics during this somewhat turbulent period. I intend wherever possible to base my opinions on established economic theory and principles.

Further, I will also take a close look at the politics, ideology and psychology of neoliberalism. I want to examine the mindset; why we are where we are now, but more importantly, what, if anything, do we replace it with? Will it be an even more vicious form of capitalism, or can we recover what I call the “lost value” of labour?

I will also seek to use my training in economics (and the future studies I intend to undertake in this field) to attempt to answer, at least theoretically, the following questions: Can we reliably measure happiness? Is there an optimal level of economic growth where happiness is maximised? And can we remove undesirable factors from the growth / happiness equation without a negative impact on either?

I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve this, or if I do, whether anyone will care. I’m just a cat, after all.


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